On-Demand Webinar

ARIS BPA: Process Collaboration and Governance with ARIS

Recorded: November 15, 2016

Being able to anticipate the future needs of your organization is about more than having the right technology in place. Growing businesses must understand that in order to sustain successful growth there must be clear visibility into what does and doesn’t work within an organization. At the core of this is Business Process Analysis (BPA).

BPA allows you to see where in your organization breakdowns are occurring so that you can effectively implement change. Change that will make your processes more agile. Change that will allow you to deliver powerful analysis. Change that will result in smarter decisions.

In this on-demand webinar we will show you the strengths of Software AG’s ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform. You will understand how to better realize the following benefits:

Increase process agility to better adapt to changing market conditions

Reduce implementation times by leveraging existing best practice processes

Increase process efficiency by identifying perpetual roadblocks within your organizations

Enhance quality by better defining process communications

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