IT’s crucial role in M&A success in the Digital Business Age

Be ready with an effective IT planning and portfolio management practice!

Recorded: April 28, 2016

With record-setting M&A activity in 2015, mergers, acquisitions and divestures became the order of the day for business. And with the onset of the digital age and many companies being acquired for their digital business competencies, IT is taking on a greater role in both the due diligence and integration phases. There are so many questions to be answered such as “How good is the targeted company at exploiting technology for digital business?” and “Will there be high costs for integration of old legacy systems” as well as “Where can we standardize the technology of the acquiring company to ease integration of the target company?”

You can get these answers using an enterprise architecture (EA)-based IT planning and portfolio management approach. Know – for both companies - what elements make up the IT landscape and how they support critical business functions. Use KPIs for understanding important characteristics and the quality of IT elements. Identify redundancies in a merger situation and interdependencies in a carve-out. And after the merger - plan changes to the IT environment in a governed and well-informed process that all necessary stakeholders participate in.

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